I have a confession to make:

I’m stuck in an organizing rut.

It’s not that I haven’t been keeping up with my 52 Weeks of Organizing List. I’m still organizing my little heart out over here.

It’s just that I haven’t actually COMPLETED anything lately, and therefore haven’t had any “after” pics to share.

The last time I wrote a 52 Weeks post, I was in the process of cleaning out my closet and got totally sidetracked trying on all my vintage denim and showcasing my camel toe for all the world to see. That was Week # 18! My how time flies when you’re digging denim out of your front butt.

It’s now Week # 23 and I have made absolutely no measurable progress. Ack. Or as my husband’s dearly departed Italian grandmother would have said, “Imma disgusta.”

And I know exactly what my problem is: I’m a starter, not a finisher. Story of my life. Ask anyone.

I was on a roll for a while there, but then I lost my focus. Instead of seeing a few projects through to completion, I gave up and started a few new ones. Bad idea.

I never actually finished the Command Center I started working on way back on Week # 12.

I’m still not done organizing my closet. I have purged numerous bags and boxes of ill-fitting or out-of-fashion (probably never in fashion) clothes, but I haven’t created any new systems yet. Still in the “purge ’till it fits” phase.

We partially cleaned out the garage a few weeks ago. I still have a big pile in there to take to Goodwill. You would think that the foul odor emanating from that pile last week would have been a good motivator to get that pile out of the garage, but no… still sitting there. And no, I never did find the source of the stank.

I am up to my ears organizing my digital photos. When my laptop started giving me grief a few weeks ago, all my organizing priorities shifted. I found myself clenching my teeth and getting all sweaty every time I’d turn that computer on…just holding my breath to see if it had died yet. That was a bad feeling. I suddenly realized how important all those photos were to me and vowed that I would do everything in my power to protect them and organize them. But it’s a huge project, and it’s complicated. I have pics on three different devices. It’s going to take a while.

I am in the middle of cleaning off my home-office desk. We are replacing two ancient dead or dying computers with one shiny new beauty this week. A nice new computer deserves a nice clean desk, don’t you think? Just don’t look at my office floor. Apparently my idea of cleaning a desk is to just push everything off the desk onto the floor. My grandmother clearly dropped me on my head right after she used my soft-spot as an ashtray.

And lastly, as if these weren’t enough projects to keep me busy, I now need to deal with my sweet little Bucket Head’s bedroom closet. Yes, sadly, my one formerly tidy child has suddenly become not only a slob, but also a liar and/or master manipulator. This needs to be nipped in the bud.

"My room ith all cwean, Mommy!"

"...but not my cwothet."

It is clear to me that I need to refocus and prioritize. I think if I could just hunker down and FINISH something it would do me a world of good and get me back in the saddle. So that’s my plan for this week. I’m going to focus on my desk, new computer, and office floor. Tune in next week to see if I can get out of my rut and check something off my list!

Sincerely and with new focus,


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