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Sometimes a picture really is worth 1000 words…

Bucket Head and I had our first Tiger Cub Den Meeting last week. We decided to pose for a few quick photos on our way out the door.

Personally, I find anyone in uniform hard to resist.

Apparently, Bucket Head does not.

annoying mother and den leader

Land of the free, home of the brave…


My kids, in particular.

Sometimes they drive me nuts. Other times they make me laugh until my face aches.

And sometimes they make my heart swell with so much love and pride, I fear my chest will explode.

Today is one of those days.

Placing flags on graves

On a brutally early Saturday morning—the first one of their summer vacation—a day when they could have chosen to sleep in or play with friends, my three children unanimously chose to meet up with their scout troops at Georgia National Cemetery to honor the brave men and women who have served our country.

Scouts honoring fallen soldiers at GA National Cemetery 2013

And they did it with such breathtaking reverence and grace, that they even attracted the attention of an AP photojournalist, David Goldman. My oldest, Vince, had his picture in several major online publications over the weekend, which was a huge thrill for our family. Particularly since he’s our quietest one…the child who usually flies under the radar because he’s too busy following the rules to draw much attention to himself.

Georgia National Cemetery Memorial Day 2013

It didn’t take us long. Many hands really do make for light work, and there were hundreds of scouts and surviving family members there to help. The final result was absolutely awesome, in the truest sense of the word.

Happy Memorial Day from The Bearded Iris

There is nothing like seeing thousands of American flags adorning the tombstones of such brave men and women to remind us that freedom isn’t free.

If you ever get the chance to take your children to a National Cemetery, particularly on a day like Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day, run—don’t walk. Photos simply cannot do justice to the way you and your children will feel when you see such humbling sacrifice in person.

To all the soldiers and their families who have proudly served our country, we salute you and we thank you.

Happy Memorial Day from The Marinelli Family

Happy Memorial Day from my family to yours.



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