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The Picture That Cost Me 1.3 Million Dollars

I’m pretty sure God is speaking to me through Lifetouch, and I am listening. Continue reading

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The road not taken…by my kid…on the can

I just found a dried booger on my shower curtain. It’s about two feet off the ground, on the outside of the curtain, right next to the toilet in my kids’ bathroom. After three kids, very little surprises me, and … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Principal Pal Predicament – Part 2

When we last left our heroine… Wait. I’m sorry, I just despise that word. I can never remember if it’s heroin or heroine and then I get nervous that people will think I’m leaving my smack lying around all willy nilly. … Continue reading

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The thing about siblings…

This is the first year all three of my kids have extra-curricular activities and life seems to have gotten a bit more unmanageable all of a sudden. Tell you what though, as much as I sometimes envy my friends with … Continue reading

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Ketchup is a Vegetable by Robin O’Bryant

Have I ever told you about my friend Robin O’Bryant? We met online a couple of years ago through mutual friends and hit it off like peanut butter and chocolate. When we finally met in person at a blogging conference … Continue reading

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Are your kids on Instagram?

Hiya! I’m In The Powder Room today sharing the six REALLY BIG reasons why my ten-year-old daughter doesn’t have an Instagram account. It’s a PSA with humor and heart. My gift to you.   Listen, y’all, I lurve Instagram. It’s … Continue reading

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