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How to back up your blog and a better way to do ellipses

Welcome back to our fourth installment of my Just the Tip Tuesday: Back-to-School for Bloggers Series.

If you’re just joining us, I’ve dedicated most of the Tuesdays in September to better blogging.

You can catch up on the series here.

And really, you should, because you’ll learn critical things like: Continue reading

Your Computer Keyboard Space Bar: Less Really Is More!

Are they gone? (The kids, I mean.)

Are you okay? It gets better. Trust me.

My kids started back to school weeks ago. I live in the deep South. Folks do things differently down here…like say “We need to get together!” when they really mean “I’d rather eat a bag of hair than invite you over.”

But enough about me and my Mother in Law. (Winky face!)

Hey, you know what? I haven’t shared any good blogging tips in a while.

And since it’s Back to School season, let’s celebrate in style with a series of tips! But unlike July which was accidentally themed “Bad Smells Month,” I’m going to devote all my Just the Tip Tuesdays in September to better blogging. 

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