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52 Weeks (2011)

Well hello there and welcome to my obsession du jour! I’m participating in Org Junkie’s 52 Weeks of Organizing challenge.

It all started with a mess, a dream, and a list…

Iris's list of 52 organizing projects to complete in 2011.

Want to know more? So far, I’ve completed the projects listed below. Click on the links to follow my gradual journey from overwhelmed to organized!

  1. kitchen pantry
  2. linen closet
  3. the coffee table drawers
  4. the kids’ Nintendo DS cartridges
  5. the kids’ Legos
  6. a new way of managing my laundry
  7. kitchen window sill dumping ground
  8. dining room make-under
  9. laundry room highs and lows
  10. kitchen island “crap magnet,” and annoying wall art/clutter, buh-bye!
  11. the mother of all crap magnets (the outside of my fridge)
  12. kitchen desk drawer (junk drawer)
  13. I made my kitchen cabinet beg for mercy.
  14. how to clean out your car
  15. hair in my freezer?
  16. an ode to nice (kitchen) drawers
  17. floordrobe makeover (conquering a pile in my bedroom)
  18. purging old jeans
  19. still working on closet
  20. started cleaning out the garage
  21. computer died! MUST. ORGANIZE. DIGITAL. PICS!
  22. oh look, something shiny!
  23. CRAP. I’m totally stuck in an organizing rut!
  24. trying to get back on track – phase one of home office: the floor
  25. working on digital pics, took class at Apple store, learned how to create & manage multiple iPhoto libraries
  26. organized DVD cabinet, but too boring to write about
  27. I broke my frickin’ toe tripping on CLUTTER!
  28. cleaned out my purse to get ready to go on vacation
  29. conquering mental clutter (my guest post at Declutter Daily)
  30. still on vacation, so I organized my makeup bag
  31. two kids went back to school…organized their school supplies
  32. I returned an ill-fitting shirt that had been sitting in a bag in my room for 1 year! I also helped Nature Boy clean out his closet and organize his bookshelf.
  33. I tackled my “Mend” bucket thanks to Org Junkie’s clothes purging manifesto.
  34. decluttered my box of warranties/instruction manuals… BOR-RING!
  35. I spent an entire rainy day with Mini-Me on decluttering, organizing, and cleaning her bedroom…every drawer, every shelf, every basket. Post coming soon.
  36. I finally organized my recipe binder! That mofo has been on my list for YEARS!
  37. Would you believe my 4 year old has a “Mulch Collection”? Great. One more thing to clutter up my house. MULCH. Swear to God.
  38. Oh CRAP! My husband’s job changed and now he’s working at home three days a week. Priority shift! Back to decluttering the home office…again.
  39. Cleaned out all the master bath drawers and cabinets! Tossed a bunch of junk. So liberating!!
  40. Bucket Head’s closet
  41. Banishing entryway clutter
  42. my sewing basket
  43. upstairs hallway redux
  44. halloween decoration bin purge-a-thon
  45. hot spot freak out
  46. Thanksgiving Book of Recipes/Tips Makeover
  47. MAJOR SETBACK! My anal retentive husband went on a pile-killing spree. I can’t find anything.
  48. updating my computer address book to get ready for sending holiday cards
  49. Oh no! my cat has been pissing on things…wow, what an easy way to declutter!
  50. Cleaned out the gift box and reorganized all my Christmas gift wrap supplies.
  51. Cleaned out the baking cabinet. Guess I didn’t need to buy all these new bags of chocolate chips. Der.
  52. trying to get my Christmas card list and supplies organized for next year

I know, right? I can hardly believe it myself! Seriously, following through isn’t really my thang. But something has finally clicked because I sure am seeing some progress.

You know what’s even better than completing these projects?  Maintaining them! Surprisingly, I’ve actually kept up with most some of those improvements using what Org Junkie calls “The Ten Minute Tidy.” Before bed each night, I do a quick check of the places I’ve already organized and put anything away that is out of place. Truly – this is THE key to a more organized home. You can declutter and organize until the cows come home, but if you don’t make a conscious effort to MAINTAIN your organized spaces, you are pretty much screwed, pardon my French.

Here’s to living a life of simplicity and order!


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