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Quit staring at my shuttlecock, ya perv.

Well, it’s Spring Break in these parts, and we’re staycationing this year…again. Spring Break travel requires much more advanced planning than I am ever able to successfully do, so here we are. Home sweet…holy shit, is there a wasps’ nest … Continue reading

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A new way to use my crazy for good at school!

Ever since the year I was an overachieving (see: pill-popping) Kindergarten room mom, I tend to steer clear of volunteering at school. I’ve just found that my kids do better on their own without me being there to, you know, … Continue reading

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Customer service surprise

I’m In The Powder Room today reminiscing about an extraordinary customer service experience I had recently. Join me, won’t you? One of the commenters (KC) advises that you not have coffee in your mouth while you read it. You’re welcome. … Continue reading

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WARNING: blog fodder ahead

I’m In The Powder Room today. And not to toot my own horn or anything, (TOOT!) but the photo and title I came up with are totally worth the click. Totally. Or your money back! Guaranteed! (Minus shipping and handling.)  … Continue reading

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Sometimes the Internet surprises me…

The Internet is a crazy place. Sometimes it breaks your heart. And sometimes it surprises you with a reaction you could never have anticipated. That was certainly the case last week when I shared this haunting family secret. And it’s … Continue reading

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We all have that one friend…

Not THAT friend. Although we all have at least one of those too, don’t we? (Or at least YOU do, because that would be me…splash!) No, I’m talking about that friend who hasn’t quite yet figured out which form of … Continue reading

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