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‘Tis the season to order business cards…

I’m talking about business cards over In The Powder Room today. It’s a good read, and I share some links for free and discounted business cards of your own, so check it out! If you do decide to design and … Continue reading

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Because computer shit happens…

Here’s how I spent a big chunk of my time this week: nursing a sick iMac back to health. Hey, computer shit happens. It’s unavoidable. But this problem, I fully believe I brought upon myself by tempting fate and pissing … Continue reading

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You people are sick (and me likee)

Yesterday I published a new post In The Powder Room about homophones (that’s phones, not phobes) and it flopped like my 32-Longs at 7:30 PM every night when I toss my Playtex 18 Hour Hydraulic Lift onto my bedroom chair (where it … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Pot Pie

You’ve probably already gobbled up all of your Thanksgiving leftovers by now. But on the odd chance that you have a few left and are sick of turkey sandwiches, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite ways … Continue reading

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I put the HO in hostess gifts

Traveling this holiday season? Staying with friends or relatives? Eating a holiday meal somewhere besides your own home? For the love, take a hostess gift!  Just don’t make the same mistake I made once and give your hostess something she … Continue reading

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How to Choose the Perfect Conference Roommate

I’m on my way to the Aiming Low Non-Conference to chill with some of the funniest bloggers on the planet. I’m pretty excited about it too. Something tells me this crowd is going to be much more receptive to and appreciative … Continue reading

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