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Quit staring at my shuttlecock, ya perv.

Well, it’s Spring Break in these parts, and we’re staycationing this year…again. Spring Break travel requires much more advanced planning than I am ever able to successfully do, so here we are. Home sweet…holy shit, is there a wasps’ nest … Continue reading

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The thing about siblings…

This is the first year all three of my kids have extra-curricular activities and life seems to have gotten a bit more unmanageable all of a sudden. Tell you what though, as much as I sometimes envy my friends with … Continue reading

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Land of the free, home of the brave…

Kids. My kids, in particular. Sometimes they drive me nuts. Other times they make me laugh until my face aches. And sometimes they make my heart swell with so much love and pride, I fear my chest will explode. Today … Continue reading

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Welcome to Camp Mom!

It’s the last day of school for my kids, and I’m already crying. No, no…not just because I’m completely unprepared for summer. I’m crying because my two elementary school-aged kids are sad to say goodbye to their beloved teachers and … Continue reading

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How I battled head lice and won

When we last left our heroine, she was about to save her helpless child from a repulsive infestation of head lice! (You can get all caught up with how I discovered the infestation here.) Say it with me, y’all: “Ewwwwww!” … Continue reading

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Bucket Head on board

It was starting to drizzle. Bucket Head and I would need to run for it. We counted to three and ran from the store to our car while I pressed the button for the automatic sliding door. He hopped into … Continue reading

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