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Nine things I will never say at home

My husband and I have been watching a lot of TV at night lately. I mean A LOT… like entire-seasons-of-things-in-three-days-a-lot. The good news is that there is some great stuff on TV these days: Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead, Orange is … Continue reading

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Love It, List It, or Laugh About It…

Summer is in full swing here and I’ve been busier than a cross-eyed air traffic controller. Aside from having the three kids home all the time for summer vacation and being very absorbed with a huge work project for my … Continue reading

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My husband hates my new knobs.

You guys? Can we talk about something kind of embarrassing? I’ve been feeling really frumpy lately. Mainly, when I’m in the bathroom and I look down, I feel like my knobs just haven’t aged very well. Back in the late … Continue reading

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Cat Pee and Clutter Concern: Oh, Grandma’s Here!

My mother came to visit last weekend. It was lovely. It always is. She does laundry…all the way through! And she buys school clothes, and takes us all out to eat, repeatedly! It’s so nice to have her here that … Continue reading

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Just the Tip Tuesday: How to Deodorize Stinky Hands

I know stuff…weird stuff…like how to remove somebody else’s chewed bubble gum from your preschool daughter’s most holy of holies. (Yeah, that really happened once…Vaseline on a paper towel…took it right off.) So when I started this blog about 4 … Continue reading

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Making progress in our master bathroom renovation!

Time for a master bathroom reno update! As much as I love a good DIY project, I think I’ve cracked the code on why most people pay professionals to do major projects like bathrooms and kitchens: TIME. Unless you treat … Continue reading

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