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The Picture That Cost Me 1.3 Million Dollars

I’m pretty sure God is speaking to me through Lifetouch, and I am listening. Continue reading

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Desperately seeking signs of beauty

When I could no longer hide the tears from my family yesterday, I found myself alone in the yard, feeling helpless, and desperately seeking signs of beauty in this world. It wasn’t easy. It was cold, and gray, and damp. … Continue reading

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An apology to my non-Catholic neighbors

I should have a bumper sticker that says “Catholics do it longer.” What? I’m talking about celebrating Christmas! Come and hang with me In the Powder Room today as I apologize to all my neighbors for my tacky (and still proudly … Continue reading

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Mary, your baby is 42 pounds. And he’s giggling.

Last night was the Live Nativity at our church. We participate in it as a family every year and it is always the highlight of our holiday season. In a nutshell, we set up 8 outdoor scenes depicting Mary and … Continue reading

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What “Are you ready for Christmas?” might really mean.

The first time I heard it this year was on December 8th: “Are you ready for Christmas?” I effing hate that question. It makes me bristle every time with anxiety about all the items not yet checked off my mile-long … Continue reading

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WTF Wednesday – Struggle to the Snuggle

My friend Mama Cloud has a 3rd grade son who is not very cuddly. Every time she wants some sugar from that kid, it’s like wrestling with a greased pig. Eventually she tires him out and he consents to a … Continue reading

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