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…and that’s why I don’t make handmade gifts anymore.

Once upon a time, I was a serial crafter. I love making things. All kinds of things. Always have. Earliest crafting memory? When I was about 7-years-old my mom signed me up for a Saturday morning holiday ornament class at the … Continue reading

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Portrait of a Deviant Elf

Dobbie is back! He’s my family’s Elf on the Shelf and he is pretty popular around these parts. If you’re just joining us, you can catch up on all of Dobbie’s most memorable adventures from the last few years HERE. … Continue reading

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Craft Whores – The Wieners!

It’s time! It’s time! It’s finally time to announce the wieners (a.k.a. winners) of our Craft Whores Contest! But first, special thanks once again to our wonderful judges for all the time and energy they invested in judging your whorishness. Thank … Continue reading

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Last Chance to Share Your Crafty Whorishness

Tonight, at 11:59 PM EDT, we will officially close the Craft Whores contest. “Contest? What contest?” you say? OMG. Seriously? Don’t make me kick you in the baby maker, bitch. This is only the single most incredible contest, like, EVER. … Continue reading

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It’s finally here! Time to link up your Craft Whores entry!

ERMAHGERD! The day has come. It is time to start linking up your crafty whorishness! If you are new here and have no idea what the what I’m talking about, I’ll fill you in with a Haiku (because I’m crafty … Continue reading

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Craft Whores – Sponsors and Prizes

Just joining us? Here’s the scoop: 1.) The Suniverse and I are crafty mofos with dirty minds. 2.) We came up with an idea for a contest called Craft Whores. Get it? Like Craft Wars, but for sick twisted fun … Continue reading

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