How To Ruin Your Kids’ Spring Break

Join me In The Powder Room today to hear the story behind this photo:

What we did on our spring break via The Bearded Iris and In The Powder Room

It’s either kind of awesome, or just one more reason why my children will clock many hours of therapy someday. Probably a combo of both…

About The Bearded Iris

Leslie Marinelli is a writer, humorist, blogger, life hacker, and invisible vessel for grandchildren and PTA donations.
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3 Responses to How To Ruin Your Kids’ Spring Break

  1. So glad I clicked through from my email, even though I’d already read you at ITPR. Somehow I knew the pic would be totally worth it. :)

  2. Jean Heff says:

    OOOH, you are a mean mom! Why do they look like they are enjoying their community service, though?

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