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Xanax makes me a better blogger

I’m cashing in on sensationalist headlines In The Powder Room today, musing about all the things I could/should/would do to be a better blogger. Spoiler alert: drugs.

Because…Judy Collins songs.

And: “Top Blogger” gladiator-style blood baths.

Plus: FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Dear sweet Jesus in a viral video…feelings are hard!


Xanax Makes Me a Better Blogger by Leslie The Bearded Iris In The Powder Room

So basically, whether you’re a blogger, know and love a blogger, or are so sick of bloggers you want to shove them all into a wood chipper and spray your snow covered lawn with their bloody pulp…this post is for you. I feel you, Dawg. I feel you long and hard.

With love and a paper bag over my head to deal with the anxiety (and haircut),


  1. I’ll be over in a few minutes. I have plenty to say about this particular subject.

  2. And then let’s throw in the rest of life…homework, dinner, laundry…ain’t nobody got time for dat! Don’t sweat it sister! We love you and your craziness! Hope I spelled that right…

  3. Save me some too! Oh crap, gotta tennis match today. I need some for that shit too….

  4. You’re awesome. That is all.

  5. I feel ya—hell, if it wasn’t for the Prozac, I’d have to change my blog name to Menopausal Maudlin!

  6. I think Mick Jagger referred to it as “Mother’s Little Helper”…back in the ’60’s. lol, so why not?

  7. I am cracking up right now. I hope you realize that blogging is the gateway drug that led you to Picmonkey, and eventually Xanax. It happened for me, too. Just not in that order.

  8. Give the Xanax a try. I wrote some of my, uh, more INTERESTING stuff while heavily laced with Oxycodone in the days following my backdoor surgery. Proofread? Edit? Nahhhhhhhh! Just a stream of consciousness, along with pictures I took while in the bath tub….

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