Flirting with the flu

So, this happened recently…

Thirteen day old clam chowder. It passes the smell test. What could possibly go wrong?
Leslie Marinelli


Maybe my “winter blues” are more serious than I thought.

But on the bright side, it’s good blog fodder.

Join me In The Powder Room today to hear the rest of that story. Surprisingly it’s not at all about poop. It’s actually about germs, suburban life, gambling, Puerto Rican hookers, drug store makeup, leftovers, and flu shots. Bring some hand sanitizer. You’re going to need it.

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Leslie Marinelli is a writer, humorist, blogger, life hacker, and invisible vessel for grandchildren and PTA donations.
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8 Responses to Flirting with the flu

  1. Arnebya says:

    Aw. I thought about you yesterday and your quietude and here you are, blessyourheart.

    • Aw, well thanks for thinking of me, Honey-Buns! Nothing major…just some winter doldrums. I’m also working my ass off on my bathroom renovation (painting cabinets) and it is kicking my ass. At the end of the day I’m just too beat to write about anything. It’s just a phase. It will pass. But thank you so much for thinking about me and checking in! XO

  2. I’m off to In The Powder Room to check out what happened. I’m always looking for good blog fodder. Although, I think even I would stay away from 13 day old clam chowder for new ideas.

    • Thank you for being here and for heading over to ITPR, Jen! Yeah, that old chowder…probably not my best idea ever. You know I was dropped on my head as a kid, right? My impulsivity is LEGENDARY. :)

  3. Snappy says:

    I’m late to the party. Headed over to check out your latest post!

  4. Is this the same bathroom renovation that you were working on last year? Because if it is, you are my hero. Are you using the chalk paint??? I have to know how it is. I want to paint my kitchen cabinets, but when I started counting the doors, I got a nosebleed. Ellen

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