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Let’s spend the night together.

Roommates…the good, the bad, and the dirty. Come read what I have to say about some of my best and worst roommates in my weekly column In The Powder Room today.

But come on back tomorrow for my very first giveaway!

Yours truly,

-Leslie (or Iris if you prefer…I’m easy.)


  1. Just left ya a comment on your Powder Room post about my psycho college roommate.

  2. My roommate during our sophomore year in college owned only two pairs of underwear. She’d wear one, hand-wash the other in the sink, then leave it drying over the shower until the next day.

    At the time I thought it was insane and disgusting.

    Now I think it’s practical. I mean, I wasted a lot of money on lingerie that could have been spent on happy hour pitchers of margaritas.

    Sigh. Sometimes I wish I were still in college.

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