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“I look just like you now, Mommy.”

While visiting with one of my aunts in Pittsburgh last week, Mini-Me was handed a big box of random craft supplies to keep her busy while the adults were cooking for a party.

This is the first thing she extracted from the bowels of that box. And this is the first thing she did with it…

Nice. (Ahem) Maybe I should give that laser hair removal thing another go?



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  1. Clearly, she also inherited your sense of humor.

  2. Suzanne Lucero

    June 29, 2011 at 10:30 am

    Another case of “little pitchers have big ears,” eh?

  3. My eldest was planning to sneak some kind of white rum into a water bottle or vodka to a dry wedding….you could use that too. Or I’m telling you limencello looks just like lemonade…..and it’s delicious!

    Oh and you know that no one I know who has had laser says that it works, even my own doctor who is about my age. She was so pissed she took time out to go get it an hour a week for like 4 weeks and it all grew back. Don’t waste you money, just go outside with a mirror and pluck away. I swear natural light brings those little suckers out better than bathroom light (in my house anyway)!

  4. Your daughter is hilarious, just like you!

  5. That is “toooooo freakin funny”!!!!

    Now, tell me, seriously… doesn’t it just make you go warm all over, knowing you “made” this creation??? Seriously, she has a grand sense of humor, and Lord knows we all need more of that!!!

  6. The girl needs your tube of Black Magic!
    Srsly.She is a doll. Even if she needs a shave.

  7. Is mini-me the fulfillment of the curse many parents put on their children by saying, “I hope you have a kid just like you one day.”?

    That’s precisely why I never pro-created.

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