Our funny cat

Wordless Wednesday starring Nature Boy (the kid) and Gracie (the cat):

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Leslie Marinelli is a writer, humorist, blogger, life hacker, and invisible vessel for grandchildren and PTA donations.
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6 Responses to Our funny cat

  1. Rochelle says:

    My mother in law’s cat does the same thing with my long hair! My cat doesn’t bother with me unless he’s hungry. Just like my kids!!

  2. Allysgrandma says:

    Love it! My wordless Wednesday would have me watching Lifetime movies and doing nothing because my pneumovax shot on Monday has rendered my left arm fairly useless! Well I can type and surf the net though! I am planning to start my pantry inventory list once I am done catching up with posts. Happy Hump Day!

  3. Shanna says:

    Too adorable!

  4. jenny says:

    Love the pics! Cats most definitely have personality, especially with the encouragement of kids who love ‘em.

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